The requirements for the presentation of food are diverse. Just like the products themselves. Also the lighting requirements are extensive. Here a high level of expertise is required for the correct usage of light. With our many years of experience, our products and our services, we provide everything that is necessary for this industry and each individual area – from the fresh food and the meat counter, the aisles and the cash counter.
We have the right light for every area!

Fruit and Vegetables – Green!

In the fresh area, the different colors of fresh fruit and vegetables glow. Here it is important to optimally reproduce the great variety of colors and to maintain the freshness.
For this we use our LED module Green! a. It makes the different colors shine!

Meat counter – Red!

Meat products are the eye-catcher in every refrigerated counter. The meat should look strong and fresh. The red and white color components must be emphasized by a perfectly coordinated light spectrum without distorting it.
For this we use our LED module Red!

Fish counter – Blue!

In order to emphasize the freshness of fish and seafood, the light should have a colder light color. At the same time, the light must underline the brilliance and color of the different products. We use our Blue LED module for this!

Bakery products – Gold!

Our LED module gold! supports the golden-brown color tones of baked goods, so that they look fresh and crisp.

Shelf aisles

The products on the shelves and product carriers want to be optimally illuminated. We offer an extensive portfolio of lights with individual spotlights, line lights and surface lights to optimally present the goods. .

Cash counter

Good light in the checkout area affects the mood of employees and customers. The light should be pleasant, natural and glare-free so that employees and customers feel comfortable.