MAX FRANKE realizes holistic living lighting projects for you.

Our living team realizes projects in the areas of hotels, restaurants, residential construction, clinics, senior citizens’ residences, private properties and much more.

In the living area, lighting creates an atmospheric ambience in which guests feel comfortable.

With well thought-out lighting concepts and intelligent lighting systems, the ideal combination of functional and decorative lighting succeeds and contributes significantly to the fact that guests feel welcome from the first moment and enjoy their stay.

The right light also creates a special atmosphere at home. The right lighting concept in your home not only creates new dimensions, but in the best case also protects the environment and the budget.

Whether living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen – the lighting has to meet the different requirements. Each room is given a lighting plan that corresponds to its function.

We would be happy to work with you to determine your personal needs, record your expectations and work out a tailored, individual lighting concept for you.



Privathaus 1, Hamburg

Finca, Mallorca

Quartier 21


Hotel Melia

Hotel Gastwerk, Hamburg

Kaifu Lodge

25 Hours Hotel, Düsseldorf