Anatolij Hoppe –
Head of assembly

Every day I work as a team with my colleagues on one of the assembly lines and face the daily challenges. Qualified employees with a high level of motivation guarantee the best results. I pay close attention to high and, above all, constant quality.

All products receive a 100% final inspection, during which we stamp the lights with our name and thus assume responsibility for the inspection that has been carried out. The logged final inspection includes, in particular, an optical and a mechanical inspection as well as a computer-controlled, electrical inspection including a functional test.

I work very closely with our suppliers who manufacture product-specific semi-finished parts in order to exchange experiences on an ongoing basis. This is the only way I can always offer our customers the best quality.


We have been working with the Elbe workshops for over 10 years.

Our colleagues from the Elbe Werkstätten are an integral part of the team and it is beneficial for all of us that they are with us.

Energetically and with a lot of commitment, they support us every day in production and manufacture lights for our customers.

Get an insight into the work of Max Franke and the Elbe workshops: