MAX FRANKE is your competent partner for the planning and implementation of demanding projects in the field of office lighting.

Office lighting has to meet a multitude of requirements: In every project, planners are faced with the challenge of combining normative specifications, economic goals, structural conditions and design requirements in one concept.

The light in the workplace has a great influence on people’s wellbeing, motivation and performance. Well thought-out lighting in the workplace can have a particularly positive effect on the way you work. Incorrect lighting concepts in the workplace, on the other hand, can not only lead to a decline in work efficiency in the long run, but also to health problems and an increased susceptibility to errors.

The trend in office lighting is moving in the direction of dynamic lighting control: modern lighting systems enable e.g. B. to adapt the artificial lighting to the course of the sunlight.

But not only the light in the workplace, but also the general areas such as corridors and stairwells to lounges, canteens, parking garages and facades belong to an office complex. Many areas with a wide variety of lighting requirements.

Our lighting expertise is based on many years of experience and extensive technological know-how. We are experts in modern, energy-efficient and tailor-made lighting solutions for all work areas. Let us advise you, because the requirements for the right lighting vary greatly from office to office.



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